C3D Spindle not responding

I’ve been using my C3D Spindle for a while now and no issues until today. When running a job the spindle does not turn on at GCODE line S18000 M3 (Fusion 360 Carbide off the shelf post processor). Also trying S18000 M3 or M3 S18000 from the MDI in Carbide Motion and also no joy. I’ll write in to support but any thoughts here on what to try to get this going. I have an artisan show coming up and some product to finish still so would like to get this going ASAP.

Is there a troubleshooting guide for the C3D spindles?

I also thought whenever the VFD was powered on the cooling fan would start turning/cooling immediately and noticed that this is not the case… Maybe a hint.

I’m also looking at he display on the VFD which is set to display Hz with an initial value of 0. From the MDI in CM if I input the following I see the Hz change

M3 S8000 → 44Hz
M3 12000 → 63.5Hz
M3 16000 → 83.5Hz
M3 20000 → 103.0Hz
M3 24000 → 126.5Hz
M5 → 0Hz

So I’m assuming that spindle control between the controller board and the VFD is working as expected. I’ve also pressed the jog button on the VFD and the display shows 1200(assuming this is RPM overide to test) and the spindle does start rotating slowly (like 1200 RPM) so assuming things are also good between the VFD and spindle. Can this be something wrong with the VFD itself not triggering on the input and turning this into spindle rotation?

The VFD fan is temperature controlled.

If you press the >> it should display the frequency in rpm,

The spindle is 400hz. Hz/rpm = 400/24000 * desired rpm (11500 example) 191.6hz +/-5%.

If you are seeing a disparity between desired RPM and actual on the VFD display we’d likely start troubleshooting with the communication board. VFD failure is incredibly low. Email support@carbide3d.com and we will look after you. However we might need to RMA the unit.


So based on the math above if the spindle is meant to run between 8000RPM and 24000RPM the Hz should have been between 133Hz (8000RPM) and 400Hz (24000RPM). The top value I was getting was 126Hz so possibly why the spindle didn’t start rotating.

I’ll look at RPM output by pressing the “>>” and I sent the email to support last night with all the info I have so far. I’ll wait for them to get back to me to help out, just posted here in case someone would have had a few ideas to get me going last night as I was primed with coffee and ready to run some jobs late into the night, LOL :slight_smile:

Yup, and minimum RPM is set at 133hz, so anything less than that isn’t correct.


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