C3D Spindle stuck at 24,000RPM

I just purchased the VFD/spindle kit from C3D for my S4Pro. I plugged the control cable into the 6 pin port on the front of the S4Pro’s control box and into the side of the VFD, connected the aviator connector to the spindle and plugged the VFD into an outlet. I installed the latest Carbide Motion (build 579) and updated the configuration to use the spindle and sent the config to my machine. The only change this made to the config was to set $30=24000. I went to the MDI panel and typed “M3 S10000” (no quotes), realized I needed to push the lockout button and pushed it.

The spindle happily spun up to 24,000 RPM (not 10,000!). I entered “M5” to turn of the spindle: nothing (stays running at 24,000 RPM). I entered “M3 S0” to set the speed to zero: nothing (stays running at 24,000 RPM).

I powered off the CNC, powered off the VFD, turned on the CNC (didn’t even connect to it), turned on the VFD and it immediately spins up to 24,000RPM.

Am I doing something wrong or is something in my setup defective?

Well, that’s the opposite of my issue. But no, it shouldn’t do that. Email support@carbide3d.com and they’ll get you sorted.

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