C3d VFD RPMs fluctuating

I’ve had the C3D VFD now for 6mo or so. Everything has been great up until about 3 weeks or so ago. Suddenly the rpms will occasionally, randomly speed up or down 2-3k rpm from the original set point. I would think if it was interference it would have done this along time ago as nothing internally has changed in my shop. It hasn’t affected any projects yet but I don’t have time to be down if it did either.
Any one have any thoughts on where to start? Is it possible one of the new builds of CM has anything to do with this? Seems, at least in my mind, that the fluctuations didn’t start until I had updated CM. I may have to roll it back to see at some point if there isn’t any better suggestions.

Tx in advance guys!

Welp I just reached out to tech support. Today the spindle decided to turn on a couple of times with no input from me. Scary!

I’m cautiously optimistic but after reseating the connector from the vfd to mainboard things seemed to have corrected themselves. C3d support confirmed this am the connector is only friction fit so if bumped could cause intermittent connection related issues. This seems to align itself with my issue - I’ll put it through the paces this week(end). Hopefully this just fades away…


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