Cable for Fusion5 running CM

I’ve just decided to use a Fusion5 tablet to drive my Shapeoko 3 XXL. I know there are several folks out there using that tablet. Just wondering if anyone had a preference for cable to connect it to the S03?

The one which we bundle with the machine is quite nice and should work well:

Tripp Lite USB 2.0 Hi-Speed A/B Cable with Ferrite Chokes (M/M) 6-ft. (U023-006), Black

I have an old (Apple?) cable which has wire braid inside the transparent plastic — put some ferrite beads on it, and it seems to work very well against EMI issues.

Oh…I didn’t realize the Fusion came with a USB A connector. I haven’t received it yet Thanks.

I interpreted Will’s comment to mean “the one that comes with the [Shapeoko] machine”.

As did I @Gerry … It is a USB A-B cable…needs a USB A port. I didn’t know that the tablet has that port. It’s great if I can just reuse the cable I’m already using for the laptop.

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Ha… I misread your “connector” for “cable”. Oh dear. Apologies :smiley:

I’d still love to hear from someone who uses the Fusion5 tablet with the cable that comes with the shapeoko…just to know I’m not going back to the Amazon well to get cables…

I did check out the Fusion 5 after your post to see what it had. Amazon here says it has a “full size” USB port, which I assume is a normal USB-A. Well, the Windows version has that. There is an Android Fusion 5 tablet, which would be of no use for Carbide Motion, and it didn’t say what size port that had.

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I’ve ordered the Windows version…the bigger one. So hopefully all will work well. I’m surprised no one has jumped in…I thought the Fusion5 tablet was used a lot for this.

I use the fusion tablet. It has one USB port and I’m still using cable bought on Amazon which has an external shield. All good on my end


Got the tablet and hooked it up. Everything runs just fine (once I finished the setup…which, of course, I forgot to do and NOTHING worked!).

@WillAdams (or anyone who knows) Before I experiment with my hand over the panic button: Do I need to reset the position of the BitSetter or is that remembered in the Shapeoko itself???

You need to configure each copy of Carbide Motion for the machine it is used with, including accessories and their associated settings.

Gotcha. OK. So I’ll go through the setup for the bitsetter.

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