Cable pwm or 0-5 vdc connecting the drive and the controller

hello I am looking for where to connect on this card shapeoko pro 4 the output of the pwm or 0-5vdc or 4/20 ma controller to the drive modulation on the shappeoko controller at the top right it is written ground and pwm but there is no connector only the holes of the card have you an idea…and spécification the wired shielded or not 2 conductor

on my pro the drive plug is on the rh side of your picture. Mounted on machine it is the rear plug facing the front of machine. Don’t know if it will interface with pwn drive.Just buy Carbides vfd works fantastic, plug and play.

I am at my first cnc purchase I am not sure to understand the location do you have a photo and is it in pwm or 0-5 volts?

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