Cable Track extension and attachment

Hi All,

The cable track on my Shapeoko XL is awesome but I feel like it could be 2-inches longer to fit nicely on the top beam. Does anyone know what brand it came with, so I can buy some extra ‘links’.

Also, is there any reason why I shouldn’t tap a hole in the end to attach it (like the controller box), rather than use the tape?



A number of folks have drilled and tapped holes to secure the drag chain.

I’ll check on brand / source.

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Please write in to if you haven’t already and we’ll do our best to help you sort this out.

I just used a tiny bit of epoxy glue there in the middle about a month ago and it hasnt budged.


I tapped my extrusion and put a small m5 there. Worked a treat.


Same here 'cept I used a couple of M3s.


Thanks all, I’ll talk to William and tap a hole!

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