CADquery: Yet another detour on the information superhighway

or something.

Currently looking into CADquery which is a jquery-inspired system for doing parametric design β€” since I first came across it has made some notable strides:

and researching that led me to a subreddit on parametric design which in turn led to one on procedural grammars which led to one on L-systems:


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Reading β€œL-system”, I just had a flashback of the 90’s when fractals were used everywhere in computer graphics :slight_smile:


Since I wrote the above, the recommended editor has become a workbench in FreeCAD β€” this is easily installed via the Tools | Addon Manager.

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And since I wrote all that, I’ve learned that the FreeCAD Workbench was an early version, and that a stand-alone version is the focus of development.