Calculating Toolpath

Hello everyone,
My Software is stuck at “Calculating Toolpath”.
Won’t allow me to delete it or create any new ones.
Any way to Stop it? I don’t want to lose the file.
Any advice will help.

Please post the file here or send it in to

I had that problem in the Beta V7 versions. After they updated to the stable versions it quit that. So make sure you are on a current version. There seems to be something about 67% that was happening and sometimes it would get stuck there. I do not know the internals but I suspect it is where it starts the encryption and saving the file.

If you are on Windows then open Task Manager and see if one of your CPU/Memory/Disk is running at 100%. If they are then just try to wait it out. Hopefully it will eventually finish. However on the early Beta versions it would never finish. You can get Task Manager by hitting CTRL ALT and DEL at the same time and pick Task Manager. Then in the menu of Task Manager you choose for it to be on top at all times. Then resize the window to see what you need to see. After you figure out your problem you can resize Task Manager and unclick stay on top so it will go away.

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