Calgary Stampede Box

Good evening all,

So a friend came back from the stampede in Calgary celebrating his 40th so i decided to make something to celebrate his visit and to have something one off that money cant buy.

Never created a box so i came up with this in Sycamore. Again a massive learning curve and one thing i need to get my head around is tolerances between fusion 360 and actual physical object, i.e. the lid is too tight, this was because i allowed no leeway for the lid, when i designed this in fusion i used the “Cut” functionality to create the lid but never adjusted it to cater for the Real world. so just thought i would share a simple finding that might catch you out too. in short i must remember to be less precise LOL i though i would never say that…

F&S is killing me again going to read the V2 SO3 manual (thanks again to @julien for the hard work) to see if i can get some baselines again but will post another topic covering my issue.

All in all i am happy ready for some danish oil as a finish, my job for tomorrow!!

As always happy to answer any questions!



Offering a custom made gift is a great feeling, isn’t it?
Nicely done! I got caught the exact same way when I did my first box :slight_smile:

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