Calibrate the original Nomad 883

Hi All-

I’m very happy with my old Nomad 883, but am getting a consistent scale error: A 1 cm square design results in a 10.15 (X) x 10.30 (Y) mm cut (using MeshCAM): Is there a protocol for calibrating the Nomad?

Thanks much.


Assuming your steps/mm are still at factory values ($$ at the MDI) It can be a diameter error on your end mill and/or cutter flex and/or runout of some other sort. If you do a 20x20 square and are still off the same amount (0.15 and 0.30) Then it is likely one of these. Another thing to measure is the width of a cut channel.

If it is that, you can compensate by setting your end mill diameter a little larger in MeshCAM, but you probably want to look for the mechanical causes: Collet improperly seated; Too much stick out; Wrong speed/feed for cutter/material.


Should be the same as for the Shapeoko

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