Calling All Makers: Carbide Community Build Competition #7 starts now!

Carbide Community Build Competition #7 (7/27/2017 - 8/27/2017)

Theme: Multiple Materials! At least two materials must be used!
Any materials can be used, but at least one of these materials must be carved/cut on your machine - i.e resin/wood/metal inlay, or a multiple part project containing different materials.
- Doesn’t need to be overly complex, use this to try your first dark and light wood inlay with carbide create, or that resin inlay V-carve you’ve always wanted to try

Rules: Entries should be completed during the build dates but if you have something you’ve recently created that fit’s the criteria please feel free to share it.
Material: Open
Machine: Nomad or Shapeoko
Tools: Your choice

Required Info in your Post:
Tell us how you did it!
Photos! The More the better. (We Love Pics!)
A) Materials used
B) Cutters
C) Design software used to create your project
D) Machine (and model) used
Additional details and extras aren’t required but might help in earning votes from the Carbide Community:
E) Work-holding
F) Finishing
G) Sourcing of supplies is often very helpful.
H) Concept Sketch
I) Machining Time
J) Carbide Create .C2D file or the file for software of choice

Voting will be done with the Heart :heart:button located at the bottom of each builders’ post. The post that gets the most :heart:likes wins.

Carbide3d will provide the prizes.
The winner of the Competition will start the next challenge off so be ready with ideas.You will get to decide the theme/rules/tools/materials and whatever

This build is from (7/27/2017 - 8/27/2017) post as many projects as you would like.
To all our past and future builders, Your builds inspire us all and help keep our community growing. Thank you!


Thanks for getting us started,looks like it will be fun.


Just a reminder build 7 is currently open,Lets See Your Stuff!!

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looks like everyone was at the beach. Going to re-try this in a week or two? I have a fun one to post:

I machined topographic terrain and then hand-painted the whole thing. This is ‘v1’ of the project, working on a revision for a v2. It’s Denali park in Alaska.

I’ll write it up in more detail if we’re going to have the competition and such.


Yep, plus I don’t think as an employee, I’d be eligible:


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