Calling All Makers: Carbide Community Build Competition Announcement

Ive been in touch with carbide and all winners from the previous builds (weeks 1,2,3,4) will get some carbide swag soon.You have not been forgotten about.The new Challenge starts today and i hope to see a bunch of the community get in on this.Its an open build this time… Get Creative :slight_smile:

P.s any questions regarding this competition or any of the previous ones feel free to contact me.


Previous winner list

week 1 JosephSeth Joseph Hinton

week 2 burgchevap Andrew

week 3 atrueresistance

week4 AZArtisanJ. Watkins

week 5 No Participants

build 6 stutaylo Stuart

Build 7 No Participants

Build 8 Starting soon

Thanks! Saw that it was posted, just haven’t had any time with my machine recently.


I resemble that remark…I keep making the machine the project as I find more it could do! When I complete the latest addition, I will make the time to get into these builds! I need some time working with the machine time instead of working on the machine-not that it isn’t working!


Added to the list @stutaylo

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I assume this isn’t happening?