Calling All Makers: Carbide Community Competition #1

LOL I didn’t know that either. Oops!

I’m not bad at making things, but I suck at being mysterious!


My first attempt at making Lego blocks. Carved with .250 and .125 endmills as I won’t have a 1/16" on hand until later today… but I found that while the 1/8" won’t perfectly duplicate all of the original Lego detail, it carves more than enough for it to work and the extra material left may actually help it’s durability in wood (not to mention how much less machine time there was using larger endmills).

I liked Apollo’s idea of using pen blanks (because exotic woods can be acquired fairly cheap as blanks and I may want to make some colorful sets in the future), so while I didn’t use a blank this time, I had the carve fit in a .750"x.750"x6.000" space.



I do have something a bit more original planned for the competition, I just need to find the time to to do it by tomorrow…


I just saw this post, I am working on it right now hopefully I can post something tonight, what time tomorrow is the due time?? Already I have made a 4 by 4 (16 total round connectors on top) that connects with legos well and it takes less then 1 minute to carve it. Details soon hopefully tonight!

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Lego Road City Foundation project:

The zip file contains the drawings in .dxf and .skp also the .NC files to run on the machine. (649.1 KB)

This is expanded PVC 12" by 12". The small connecting roads are cut very fast maybe 10 minute or so. The large LEGO portion took 44 minutes to cut. Cleaned with a soft wire brush. Fit is tight but not too tight.
I used this 1/8" bit.

Feed rate 90IPM

Expaded PVC from

1/4 inch thickness you can get them in color also.
Held down by pinching it on 2 sides top and bottom (1/8" overlap) with a piece of wood screwed to my t-track but you could probably get away with tape or wax because it cuts like butter.
Have fun, my kids are!
No idea what the prize is???


I have a few more ideas can I post them today or is it too late?

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Please go ahead and post them ― I’d hope we’d give people until midnight local time, so it’s just after midnight on Baker Island.

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If its not too late… well its never too late to look at I guess. Not sure if it counts because I made them a while ago, but I made a few mini figure window display cases on my Nomad. Also, sorry I don’t have any in-progress photos, only fully assembled.

A) I used 1/2" and 1/4" poplar “hobby” pieces for all of these (relatively cheap, and these were getting painted anyway) and clear 1/8" and frosted 1/8" acrylic, some magnets (1/8" x 1/2" square and 1/4" x 1/8" round), and some felt to cover the base.
B) 1/8" square, 1/32" square bits
C) Illustrator, Carbide Create
D) Nomad
E) Double sided tape!
F) Finished with a bit of sanding, pocket screws to connect the base to the walls, and spray paint, the front and back acrylic pieces just slide into 1/8" slots, and the standard mini figure bases sit snug. The lid stays on well with the magnets and pressed into the 1/8" slots.
G) Wood from Lowes, Acrylic from Tap

Don’t have the files handy, but can dig them up if anyone wants them! (although they were an earlier version of Carbide Create, so I don’t think they’ll open up in the new version).


Also, while I’m at it… Another old Lego project… I made this trophy last year (for a Lego-related contest at my work) entirely on my Nomad out of a big ol’ solid block of icantrememberthename wood and aluminum… I THINK it was 5x Lego scale. It is heavy.


Also also (sorry, I make a lot of lego-related stuff apparently)… I used my Nomad and the low profile vice with a custom lego holder jig (also made out of Lego) to engrave these Lego “3d puzzle blocks”. I designed a bunch of seamless patterns that make for a series of increasing difficulty. The puzzles are even more challenging (the first time at least) if you give them to someone separated, so they don’t have any idea what the final shape is.

I haven’t made a huge one yet, but there’s probably a small business idea in doing custom lego puzzles like this, so if anyone starts to make a ton of money off of this project idea let me know :slight_smile:

I attached a hook to a bunch of them and sold some as xmas ornaments at a holiday craft show as well.

I’m done now, sorry, Lego and my Nomad are two of my favorite things.


It appears the longer this Thread stays open, the more good stuff will show up.

These themed build threads will probably need to be month long or longer, and maybe should never “close”.

So lets keep this Lego Project Share - open, and at the end of February we will tally this first months contributors.

And a Grand prize (New Hoodie) goes to the post with the most likes.


Only a few days left, dont forget to vote with the heart icon and share a project if you have one :slight_smile:

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Lego Batman Batarang
I had planned to post all sorts of great stuff for this, but I just can’t find any time lately. And since I’ve missed the deadline anyway, I wanted to at least share some photos of what I made: it’s a pencil box, with the lego version of Batman’s Batarang on the lid. Made entirely on the Nomad. Looks pretty cool.

I hope to post more info and files - including a Fusion 360 file containing the batarang itself, which can be used in lots of other ways, when things slow down for me.


So it seems like this competition should be closed, and a winner declared. @ApolloCrowe, care to do the honors?

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Thanks for posting Everyone!


Please Email Support referencing the Lego Challenge and confirming your shipping details.


It was fun and full of failure. A great learning experience. Biggest thing is to remember to flip the right direction.

nice bloodwood

Truely heartbreaking


Just received my prize pack in the mail. Renshape and Legos! It’s like you read my mind…

Thanks Carbide 3D!


Received mine also. Thanks!

Will provide an excellent opportunity too as I have never worked with RenShape before. Seems similar to an HDU sign foam?


Yeah it’s pretty much the same stuff. Urethane tooling foam, originally designed for making industrial models, like of car prototypes and similar, I think (not sure). Machines wonderfully.


I’ve seen examples of Renshape machining, never got a chance to play with it, but I bought a few sheets of Komatex (expanded urethane/PVC foam) and it’s become my go-to material. Granted, it’s about 4x the price of MDF, but machines excellently, can be cut at the maximum feed/plunge rates at very low tool speed, and so far hasn’t melted to the tool. It’s excellent!

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It’s not super expensive, that’s nice.