CAM for indexed machineing

I have been playing around with MeshCAM with doing flip machineing and it’s set for that but… what if I want to do 4 sided machineing? :slight_smile: what are some options for that?

If I was careful about it I think I could rotate in meshcam and export a top and bottom. Rotate 90° and repeat but… we are looking at a lot of air time due to the fact that one side may have already been removed. Are there some food alternatives that you know of? One day I would like to get a 4th axis but… for now the shapeoko should do.

What are you making? And are there any flat surfaces that can be used as an index when you flip the part?

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Not sure what I am making yet. Just kind of making it up as I go but… every once and a while I think it would be cool to put detail on the side of something.

There is an overhang cutting area at the front of the machine where you can clamp parts.

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