Camera for enclosure, endoscope a good idea?

I am making a windowless enclosure (soundproofing and cost reasons) so I need a camera. Someone suggested an endoscope type camera that I can attach to the spindle holder. Is this a good setup if it will be my only eyes inside the enclosure or will I need to watch the other areas as well in which case a regular webcam should be better?

Another issue is if it is a rigid type of cable, I am not sure of the x-axis motors will be affected in movement.

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I got this one and built it into my dust boot.

I’m on a mac so I use AirBeam Pro to view the camera and to broadcast it on my WiFi network to monitor on my iPhone while I step away from it.


Not sure if this helps, but they have flexible cables and, up to 10M cables.

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Probably the same one I use, the cord is rubber and super flexible, I have mine about 3 inches from the cutter and the view is as much as I have ever needed. I refer to mine as a borescope, the endoscope has too many other (medical) uses that I’d rather not consider. Definitely needed in a no window enclosure.