CAMotics artifact?

I’ve produced a stippling pattern using StippleGen 2, which, if it works as hoped, will be very sweet for my needs. The product is a controllable number of circles, in a range of sizes, to be used as pockets for V carving. Since CC doesn’t render v carves, nor in sufficient detail for close work, I’ve been using CAMotics to visualize the output. The figure below is a sample of the output, the stipling is clearly visible although the rendering subdivision is not fine enough for all to appear as dots. But what are those crescent lines? Is this some wierd artifact of CAMiotics or might this appear in machining? There are no other toolpaths in this file and the aberations do not seem to correspond to the spindle path between dots. Nothing relating to this shows on any other files.

[I’d like to test this myself but I’ve only just ordered a Nomad this afternoon!]

Can you share the gcode?

The gcode: (69.2 KB)

I should add that StippleGen also calculates a least-distance path to access all the dots, I think this may be stored with the svg it produces. But that svg is subsequently opened, manipulated somewhat, then saved as an Inkscape svg which is then used by CC. Seems doubtful, but perhaps that has something to do with this behaviour.

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