Can a Nomad 883 machine pewter

I know that a Nomad 883 can machine aluminum and brass as well as some other soft metals. I am very new to using one though and was wondering if it could be used on pewter. I know that the bit can get hot in the process, and I am afraid that this might not be good considering pewter’s low melting point. Does anyone have any experience with this or suggestions? If you know of other inexpensive metals that could be machined it that would be helpful as well.

Thank you!

Aluminum is pretty cheap…

It should be fine for pewter. When we say hot, we’re not talking 700 degrees (F) hot, we’re talking a couple hundred degrees. Honestly, I don’t think a nomad could really get a bit terribly hot.

When machining, with proper feeds and speeds the endmill should not become hot, the chips should carry away the heat.

Pewter is very soft and ought to machine well.

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