Can a spur gear be made

Is the Shapeoko capable of milling a spur gear. I have watched a few videos on the modeling aspect in Fusion 360. Never imagined there are so many variables to a gear.
This is a gear from a conveyor belt motor on my drum sander and can’t be bought as a single component. The unit is 330.00. So it would be worth my time to make one.

There are some references on gear making at:


Steve, I recently made this set for a friends shop sign, you’ll have to ignore Carl though:


I have done loads of gears cogs etc, fusion has plugins for it too (both free and paid) so that takes the sting out of trying to work out maths etc prototype in MDF, or other cheap stuff before going to whatever material you need, this guy’s video got me on my way

Edit because I forgot link


Yep that fusion plugin works really well for flat gears, I’ve 3D printed quite a few from that module, and it’s quite easy to tweak the offsets to get the clearances you want.

Beware most of the YT videos about bevel gears or helical gears though, the majority don’t understand the gear geometry at all.

Thank you for the comments, Off on a new learning curve. Will let you know how this works out. I have replaced the unit as I use the drum sander daily but be good to have the old unit fixed. This seems to be a problem with the Jet 1632 drum sander.

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