Can anyone clarify the stepper motor specs of the 5 pro?

I’m thinking about buying a Shapeoko CNC. Right now my research is down to the Onefinity Elite, X-Carve Pro, and the Shapeoko 5 Pro. I would like to know more info about the machine. Can anyone point me to the docs specifying the stepper motors on the Shapeoko machine?

There is no documentation on the stepper motor specs, however it is also irrelevant in the sense that the steppers on the S5 are powerful enough to stall a 1.2kW VFD spindle in aluminum. The steppers are as powerful as they need to be to achieve a high degree of performance, and more than powerful enough for the vast majority of use cases.

Example maxing out the VFD spindle:


Choosing between the 2 options boils down to making the decision of do you want the better machine chassis which would be the So5 Pro or the better motion control electronics that the Elite has.

The pro5 has a much better chassis and Free 2.5D Cad Cam software with motors that are likely 2nm steppers that have similar power but without closed loop feedback.

The Masso is miles better than the Carbide board in terms of adding features like an ATC, advanced probing, relay controls, closed loop stepper control ,and the ability to add extra axis controls like a rotary 4th axis. Keep in mind it’s a $1900 third party motion system that has had years of R&D poured into it.

There are no extra inputs and outputs for much on the Carbide boards as of yet and I hope this pressures Carbide to release a board with those abilities.

I have a HDM that will be getting swapped to Masso so I get the best of both worlds.

So you choose what fits you best.

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