Can anyone help me clear up an image?

I am having a hard time getting the lines cleared up in this image. I used a polyline to redo the I and the two F’s but i don’t know what to do to straighten up the rest of the writing in the image.

Firefighter Maltese Cross.c2d (300.9 KB)

If you can find a better image:

which you can convert into a .png:

It imports pretty well:

and a bit of adjustment of the Threshold:

results in an image which is about ready to go:

Easiest thing rather than re-drawing the text is to re-set it:

And at need, import the pixel image as a background for reference:

and use node editing to tidy things up:


Here’s a rough v7 file to finish up:

Firefighter Maltese Cross.c2d (608 KB)

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Thank you. I know there is an easier way but I don’t know how to put text into curves and things like that. I am pretty limited on what I know how to do with designing. I’ll definitely check out the file you sent. Thank you.

Putting text on curves is simply a matter of checking a check box in the Text object:

and dragging some points around:

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