Can anyone recommend a better set of assembly instructions for the smaller ShapeOKO3?

I’m finding the online instructions to be missing a few things. I was wondering if there is a more complete set of directions or video tutorials in order to complete the assembly process. I have the newest ShapeOKO 3 (smaller one).


There’s a collection of links on the wiki: — unfortunately, for some reason, it isn’t loading the CSS, so looks rather odd (and all the navigation links are at the bottom of the page).

There was a rather detailed PDF for the original machine, back when it still came as parts, as opposed to pre-assembled components, but the machine has changed a bit since then —

should be the correct link — please let us know what you find confusing about the instructions and we’ll see what we can do.

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There are many steps that aren’t even in the instructions. It’s very odd. I’ll keep trying to figure it out.

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What sort of kit do you have?

Red or Black?

If it’s red, then it’s a Sparkfun Stepoko — see: (and I’m adding that to the above link now).

Black version, small ShapeOKO 3 with 16x16 workplane

Please be sure to look at the original instructions: by way of a low-level view.

Please let us know what you find confusing about the instructions, either here or at and we’ll try to improve them.

That helps.

Either I am dense or there aren’t complete step-by-step instructions with illustrations for the entire project. Some of the directions and pics do not match perfectly with what I have.

I think because the kit is constantly improving (which is great), that the instructions aren’t current or something.

Or I’m just dense.

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Let me put it another way.

What area is difficult for you to assemble? (Example: Wiring, Z Axis, Belts, etc.)

Pictures would be very helpful.

If you’re not familiar w/ this sort of electro-mechanical contrivance, it can seem overwhelming at first — you might find it helpful to look over the instructions for the previous machine version:

it had interactive diagrams such as: — click on the part numbers/descriptions and the matching part in the diagram highlights (click again to clear the highlighting)

There are some assembly videos: — might be hard to find them w/o the CSS for the wiki. If you’ve already seen them, my apologies.

Thanks, everyone. I’m getting closer. I made a few minor mistakes and had to back up a bit here and there, but I have it about half-way done.

It reminds me of the first time I built an electric bicycle from a kit. It took hours. Then the next time was a couple hours, and eventually I got to where I could install a kit in under an hour.

I’m going to call it quits for tonight and get back to it tomorrow.

Hi Mike, I did the original instructions but the guys at Carbide3D have not commissioned me to update them for the new sub-assembled version, so there are a lot of steps you can probably skip from the original and some parts will look different, just so you know you’re not crazy :wink:

It would be helpful if you could post any particular “aha!” moments you’re coming across that could use some better documentation, both for the benefit of your fellow first-time builders and good feedback for me for what to ensure I cover in future similar documentation.

Good luck with the build!


Thanks. Knowing I’m not dense (or not as dense as I was beginning to think) helps.

Same thing happened with my 3D printer. Now that I understand how they work and how to adjust, etc., it seems easy (looking back).

I’m sure I’ll get there with the CNC as well. I’m closer now. Should have it moving by Friday.