Can I break a shape in CC 530

So for starters I realize that I’m using an old version of carbide create, but 530 seems to be the newest version that supports a 32 bit system.
That said I’m trying to cut a picture frame holder for a wedding gift, I want to do a curve on the top of the piece, but I can’t seem to get a boolean operation to just give me a line.

The piece of wood I have is the size of the grid showing in this image, so the sides and bottom are already to size, and while I’d have no problem letting the machine cut air, it would also cut my clamps and that would obviously not be good. :slight_smile: I suppose I could try and trace the curve manually with the line tool, but I’m afraid that would likely come out non-symmetric and I’d like to avoid that.

Please see:

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Thanks, this will save me a big headache.

Did you happen to chose center over bottom left for stock? (Red circle)

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That was an accident, I had that set from a previous job where I was making dog bones, for joining a cracked board. Thankfully I noticed the mistake before I started milling.


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