Can I create gcode for a duet 2 board

Hello, I have built a CNC machine using a Duet2 wifi board which uses RepRap Firmware I used this because this is going to be a multifunction machine. I have been able to take gcode generated from Easel directly to the Duet and run in but the files generated from Carbide will not run. If I look at the files it appears they do not put a G0 or G1 at the beginning of every move line. It looks like the invoke G1 once and then every other line just has coordinates with no command. The duet board doesn’t like this. Is there a setting within Carbide that would change how the gcode is generated?

Have you tried “Edit / Select post-processor” then selecting “Basic G-code” as the post-processor, and re-saving your test file ?

It won’t explicitly add G0/G1 to every line though. G-code normally allows for this, it’s surprising that the RepRap firmware would not like it, but I never used it, I wouldn’t know.

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Yeah the basic post processor is what I am using. Its a bummer because I really like the Carbide Create software.

We will put in a feature request for this.

Thank You. I appreciate that.

If you can tell me if the GRBL output or the Basic GCode output is more suitable, it shouldn’t be that hard to modify a post.

The main difference is, can Duet handle an M6 or should an M0 be substituted?

Well, you’re holding the key to the vault.

Can regular users modify posts yet?

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