Can I get source code of Carbide Motion

I kind of want to use my carbide as a drill machine.

Carbide motion main interface has all the fancy movement control, but the rotate speed is limited, could I get the source code and tweak a one fit my own usage?

I am fully aware the consequence and willing to give up the warranty if I could have the ability to tune the code.

I’m afraid that the source for Carbide Motion is not publicly available.

There are a number of opensource communication / control programs available however:

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Could you tell me the reason that to choose close source development ?

Maybe opensource will attract more users to purchase the machine. Carbide machines are with really good quality, you don’t need the software to protect your business. Also you guys opened the the g-code already, I don’t see any necessity to close source for carbide motion.

Instead of let people use alternative tools, why not give us a chance to play carbide motion in a more flexible manner. That make things more cool :grinning:

The why will have to be addressed by @robgrz or @Jorge or @edwardrford — I believe it’s been discussed a bit here in the past, but I’m afraid I’m not finding it.

The topic of open sourcing the carbide code (motion/create/copper) pops up from time to time, a number of people have volunteered (myself included) but the carbide team is not ready/willing to do this (a few answers are here and here)
This is quite understandable (risk, time to support, diverts their focus,…) but still a bummer.

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It’s a value add for Carbide to have their software tools be specific to their machines. They’ve opened the use of them quite far - CC can be used by anyone now, but I certainly understand their desire to keep them closed.

Opened the gcode already? It’s been standard for years. I think pretty much every CNC machine since the late 70’s has used it.

UGS is open source, and can certainly provide the tools you need to do what you want, and I’m sure they would appreciate the help adding functionality.

Yeah, all the tools at the link I provided are opensource, and I’m sure the developers would appreciate help.

I’d really like to see someone put together the perfect comm / control app. Ideally it would be:

  • native
  • have a nice appearance and elegant layout — I did a sketch and offered suggestions for bCNC, some of which were accepted
  • G-Code previewing functionality
  • would test code before running it (though I did persuade one dev to add that)