Can I make this with a Shapeoko?

Hello, I want to learn CNC. I’ve been reading for the past few weeks but I’m still unclear if I can make the image in the photo below with a Shapeoko. The main reason I want to start CNC is to make flags with this pic as going away gifts for the guys leaving my unit. So, do you think I can make something close to this or is this too detailed? Thanks. - Rick

Does this thread help?

Thanks Will… I’ve read several of your threads and even read your tutorial on the US Flag w/ Marine seal. I’m not sure that answers my question. I know I can learn the procedure with the help of YouTube and the tutorials available. I just don’t know if my pic is able to be converted into a CNC project. Well, I guess anything can, but will it still be a good representation of it’s original look? Thanks

I think you would need to drop some details.

  • the smoke will be very difficult to render nicely.
  • the skulls have lots of details, as does the inner emblem.

The rest is easy (letters, leaf would be done with V-carving)
You could consider carving the “large” / less detailed parts, and lasering all small details (laser modules can be added to Shapeokos)

EDIT: here’s a typical example of using a laser to engrave a surface

If you are willing to consider acrylic or metal as the material for this, I think a diamond drag bit would do wonders to engrave that pic, while retaining lots of details.

EDIT: here’s an example done on a shapeoko.

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Perhaps as a lithophane?

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Julien, I thought I’d have to lose some fine detail (def smoke) but I also considered laser / CNC combo to make it work. Like I said, I’m just joining the CNC world, so have a lot to learn. I mainly just wanted expert opinion to see if it was even possible before getting my hopes up.

I’m headed to work now, but will review your links tomorrow. Thanks!

Will, I’ll consider your suggestion too. Thanks!

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