Playing with a laser

So, awhile back, (around January) I got a 4.2w JTech laser. I finally got around to getting everything hooked up and started attempting to learn how to use it. I must also mention that I got the LightBurn software at the same time as well. So, to be honest I haven’t used the Vetric laser tool set up or anything like that yet. I chose to use some scrap pine I had in my shop for the learning process. My wife, always helpful as she is, picked out some designs for me to try. Then later informed me that I was making a box out of them. She didn’t say anything about the box part until she caught me throwing these pieces into the burn pile. lol.

These were playing with power level and speed.

Then wondering how, or if a painted surface would matter.

Yeah, the wife has a thing for this kind of stuff. lol. Besides it makes her happy, which means I get to buy more shop stuff. lol.


Rick…you are Da Man!

I just sent a link to these to my wife who is a keen ceramics artist and teacher … she responded:
“Oh wow. They are stunning.
Yep better add a laser to your bucket list.”

I owe you for that🤗


Lmao. Thanks!
I have to admit, playing with a laser is fun. lol.

The best wives are the ones who ask when you’re going to the hardware store next, or if she can pick you up anything while she’s there!



Indeed. I didn’t do anything today quite as cool as your most excellent demo – er, make that production – art, but I couldn’t just make a nice cypress box for some surplus planer knives I’m sending to a friend. Even just branding a quick label on top is fun when you’re flinging photons. :grin:


No time for more laser fun today. Gotta head to New Orleans for some reason. Hmm… I can’t remember why…

(Amazon box, 4.2W, two passes: first 450mm/min, second Z-2.5mm at 300mm/min.)


Since my wife is pretty great, I’m assuming by “hardware” you must mean she’s tired of the knobs on the dresser drawers.

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Happy wife…Happy life… :laughing:

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I also have the Jtech, but t’s the 3.8 along with Lightburn, and it is quite nice to have to accent projects and make things


My wife actually makes stuff, knows how to use common hand tools, saws, sanders, etc… The only thing she really won’t mess with is my lathe, table saw, and the Shapeoko. On the weekends she’ll say something like,“You going to Woodcraft for anything? I need more screws to use with my Kreg jig.”. So when I say she offers to pick stuff up at the hardware store, I literally mean that :wink:



I just got my frankenlaser setup.
A cheapie 5w Banggood laser for about ahundred bucks shipped, and I didn’t want to solder onto my grbl board so i bought the $10 kit from jtech (as well as the dustboot mount, and some safety glasses.acrylic.

(i tried the jtech shroud as well, but it did not fit, so MDF/CA glue/magnets/VHB tape to the rescue.)

It was surprisingly easy to get up and going with lightburn, and I feel great paying $150ish bucks instead of $650.

I do not think I am going to make a how to video though, just out of concern for safety. I would be devastated if someone thought it was a toy because it was only $88 and permanently blinded themselves or their kids or whatever. But yeah it works. Another tool in the toolbox!