Can I make this with just Carbide Create?

I want to make some wood trays and have a small radius (fillet) on the inside bottom edge like shown in the attached photo. So, just using Carbide Crate if I use a ball nose bit (I have a 1/4" collet but no bits for it yet) could I do something like this?

I am wondering if I just do a pocket using a ball nose will it even work of would it leave ridges of wood in the bottom? or will the software know enough to compensate and it come out like I want?

If so, then I assume the larger the bit the more pronounced the round over?


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OK, just playing in CC I think I have answered my own questions. (at least I think, let me know if i’m wrong).

Yes, using just a ball mill will have ridges in the bottom. Need to make a set of 2 squares slightly offset from one another and use a pocket function with a end mill on the inside square and a inside carve with the ball cutter on the outside box and they need to be around half the width of the cutter diameter (or less) if I am guessing right apart.

At least if looks right in preview.

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Pocket cut to depth with a flat bottom bit and a round bottom bit like a 1/2" ball nose to make the outer groove.

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Yes, this is discussed in:

I’m hoping to eventually put it into a more accessible tutorial.

Yep you can definitely do it like that and it’s probably the best method. Another way, if it’s a small enough pocket and you’re too lazy to change tools like me is to use the ball nose for the whole thing and do a tiny step over like 10%. It’ll leave some marks, but to me negligible and easily sanded. Grab a piece of scrap and try both to find out what’s acceptable to you? When I’ve tried the two tool method I always get my Z zero just a hair off, then end up sanding a little anyway. It’s woodwork, wood breathes, swells, shrinks, nothing is ever perfect.


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