Can I set "ramping" before starting a job?

Hi All
I’m probably using the wrong nomenclature in the subject but is there a way to set the Z movement of the cutter as it travels across a rapid? I ask because on step 6 of a 6 step job I think I just ruined my project. From the lower left hand corner of where I probed my Z for an 1/8" end mill, I started a job where it would travel to the top of the workpiece and start pocketing four holes that begin 7/8" lower than the top of the main top of the workpiece. As the cutter traveled up to the top of the workpiece it was lowering at the same time and then cut a slot the last inch before arriving to where the holes needed to be cut. So now I have a nice gash at the top of my workpiece. Can I set something in CC so that it does not lower the cutter UNTIL it has arrived at the cutting spot?

Could you post the file in question and a photo (ideally still clamped in place) showing the result?

Hi Will
I don’t want to post the file but you can see, circled in black, the 1/8" slot created by the end mill going up to the top of the body whereafter it pocketed out the neck butt holes. The end mill started about 30mm above the XY zero over the lower left hand corner and then gradually lowered as it moved up towards the top. (Normal behavior I’ve seen before) However, it got too low before the neck butt area and slotted out the last inch.

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