Can I used this VFD cable for 2.2k vfd spindle

I bought a cable on ebay (eBay link and I received it in the mail today. It only has three wires in it (Black, White Green) and a copper shield around it. All the other cables I see online have 4 wires in them, and people bond the shielding to the green ground wire. Am I able to just use the shielding as the ground wire? Thank you.

Use it for what? He’s selling it to run power from the wall outlet, to the VFD drive, and at only 16ga wire, that’s a little light for a 2.2kw spindle.


I’m looking for the wire which goes from the VFD to the spindle. Everything I’ve read says the 16/3 is the right wire. But that doesn’t seem to add up.

The seller’s descritpion states that it’s for running power from the wall, to the VFD, nothing about it to be used for running power from the VFD to the spindle.

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I see where PwnCNC is using 18 ga wire for the spindle cables they sell, I guess you need to check with the Ebay seller for an answer, That way, if you let the smoke out, it would be on him.

I went the buy once cry once route and got proper VFD cable from Automation Direct, 20 foot minimum. For my 1.5KW spindle I used 16 AWG which made for some fun at the aviation connector on the motor.

Short answer, absolutely not.

This eBay seller, eDealers Direct Automation, is very reputable and even has a Youtube channel (Corvetteguy50) where he covers how to properly wire VFD spindles. The 16ga wire is perfect for a 2.2kW spindle but it seems that you bought the wrong wire, 16/3 instead of 16/4, and I would recommend emailing him about the situation.

Using the metal shielding as a ground wire is inadequate and you will defeat the purpose of a double shielded wire. It’s possible you may experience bad cuts due to EMI and the spindle may never be properly grounded.

Try emailing him at, explain the situation, and see if you can ship back the wire and exchange for the proper 16/4 cable.

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