Can meshcam add supports to holes inside models?

I have an STL file I’ve made and imported into meshcam. Its is basically a rectangle with 2 circle holes in it. I want to cut this shape out of a board. It seems like the efficient way to cut this out would be to cut the profile of the circles leaving 2 circular plugs and then cut around the perimeter. I have figured out how to add supports around the perimeter of the model. I cannot figure out how to add supports to the inside of the circle holes to prevent the wood plugs from breaking loose and flopping around.

So far, the best I’ve come up with is to start out with a pocketing toolpath to turn the wood plugs into sawdust and then start running a 3D roughing and finishing pass to do my model. Does the software have something I’m not seeing that lets you add supports to these inside scrap wood pieces?

If you have a sacrificial board, screw the plugs down so they don’t move? Or glue / 2 way tape?

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I had thought about doing that to get through this project. There may be a future project where thats not an option. I should probably figure out how to add these supports in.

I screw the insides down these days when I can.

Otherwise, I had to model the component (STL) to include supports. As a bonus, it means you can determine the area you want to remove and pocket it as opposed to slot cutting the holes.

Least favorite option, but works for small areas, is to just mill it all away.

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