Can someone help me get this drawn?

I am trying to get this shape drawn so I can get it cut, but I’m having a hell of a time. I can’t make the curves needed. Every time I’ve tried its been a cluster *^$&. It’s 6 inches high and 24 inches in length.
Please help. Lol
hoof plaque

Here’s a svg file, and a dxf file, created in fusion 360.

Rifle Mount
Rifle Mount.dxf (24.9 KB)


I used CC built-in trace fuctinon, that gave me a relatively clean left and bottom side. Remove all the extraneous bit, then duplicate and flip and rejoin to make the full thing.

Since the thing is symmetric, if you want to edit it just do one quarter, then duplicate and flip to build up the rest.

plaque.c2d (112 KB)

For the record, here is how to draw this by hand:

Make a stock of the correct size:

Use “Set Background” to import the pixel image:

and adjust the size and placement as necessary:

As noted above, since this is symmetrical, one only needs to draw in one-fourth of it, so w/ snap to grid turned on, draw in a rectangle to define the section which one wishes to draw:

Then draw in polylines which are positioned at sharp points and points of inflection:

and go into Node Edit mode and adjust:


Then select both the drawn geometry and the rectangle:

and use Trim Vectors to remove geometry which crosses the rectangle:

(if need be, cut the geometry so that Trim Vectors will work)

go back into Node Edit mode and delete the excess geometry:


copy-paste the geometry:

Mirror as necessary and drag it into position:

and select both pieces and repeat:

delete the rectangle and join everything together:


plaque_outline_v7.c2d (168 KB)


Thank you guys for the help. Now that I have a little better idea of how to do it {thanks to the description and realizing I only have to draw 1/4 of it}, I’ll play around with the node editing so I can get the hang of it. Thanks again for the help. It is appreciated.

For node editing see:

Thanks Will. I’ll check it out.

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