Can´t add post processor in Aspire

Hi all!

New here and new to CNC stuff in general.

Trying to add Neil’s Post Processor to Aspire but keep getting errors.

After adding the file to “C:\ProgramData\Vectric\Aspire\V10.5\My_PostP” I restart Aspire and open it again. This is the first pop-up window that I get:

I then press OK and a new window is presented:

Anyone has any ideas of what I´m doing wrong here?

Which line endings are in the version of the fil you are using?

Possible to d/l a zipped version and then unzip it on your machine?

Filename: Grbl_mm_TC.pp

I right-clicked the file at GitHub and “Save link as…” to my computer

Open it in a text editor?

Id you get the Raw (text only) version, or the HTML-framed display copy?

If I open it in notepad it looks like this:

<link crossorigin="anonymous" media="all" integrity="sha512-D/GUlt3NiImYB+BNo5z9VfwaXUZJDo9yrNYoLZ1mz9oeiif08nGfNf/

And just keeps going like that. Not at all like the neat text (of what I assume is gcode) at github

Ok, so it seems like a user error. How suprising!

I copied the text from github, pasted into Notepad++ and saved it as a.pp file. Now it seems to work as intended.

One more question, as there are multiple files at Neils github, which should I use? What is the difference between “Grbl_mm_TC.pp” and “Shapeoko_mm_TC.pp”? Do I need both?

You should get the one which most closely matches your machine and how you wish to work.

Grbl would be for machines which use Grbl but are not Shapeokos

Shapeoko is for Shapeokos (which use Grbl) and has additional settings appropriate to them.

Alright! I´ll grab the Shapeoko one then, thank you so much for your help!

I’d recommend grbl_mm_TC.pp
The differences between the Shapeoko and Grbl have narrowed as they’ve improved.
I always recommend metric as it limits issues with arc precision (though those shouldn’t be an issue)