Can’t cut through tape cleanly

1.5 kW spindle
Brand new 1/8 white side helical down cut bit.
Can’t cut cleanly through the packaging tape ( or masking tape or Tyvek tape)

Pic attached

I am not a fan of tape. It tends to get stuck on the bit and the material. Have you tried the super glue and painters tape? I use mostly cam clamps with a threaded waste board. I have the tiger claw and alligator clamps from c3d but I dont use them too much. I also have several L brackets and use the cam clamps in conjunction with the brackets. There are a lot of ways to hold down material but if you are cutting out small parts you do not want tabs the super blue and painters tape may work better than double sided tape.

I don’t have the answer for you but try searching for “Oramask” on the forum, there are a number of threads and you may be able to gather a few good tips from folks who actually do this routinely (which I don’t)


Could you pos the C3D and NC file, and give us a brief overview of what you’re trying to achieve, please?

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