Can’t open .nc once I save it?!

After I save my file from Carbide Create to my computer as an .nc file, I can’t reopen that file in carbide create again to edit it. I’m using windows and have my default app for .nc files set as Carbide Create, but they still won’t open. Frustrated in Nashville!

The ‘.nc’ file is the gcode that Carbide Motion uses to mill your part. Carbide Create or Motion were not intended to edit the gcode file once it was created. But if you save the project that you used to create the '.nc’ file in Carbide Create, then you can go open that (’.c2d’) project to edit the toolpaths or layout properties as needed and save a new '.nc’ with those changes. If you have your heart set on editing an existing gcode file, I think you could probably do it with a text editor if you know gcode well enough.

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As @macklebee noted, .nc is for G-Code, which is the file format used to communicate with the machine.

Carbide Create’s native format is .c2d — current versions should warn about closing the application without saving — please update if still using a version which doesn’t so warn.

You may be able to recover the geometry from the G-Code by using a 3rd party utility such as G-Code Ripper from Scorchworks or the appropriate module in psutils.

Got it! Thank You, I appreciate it!

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