Can the router extend past the wasteboard?

Hi folks,

I am currently looking for my first CNC, and the Shapeoko is very strongly in the running. I am a hobbyist ‘traditional’ woodworker (i.e. non computerized stuff). In addition to doing inlays and such with the CNC, I would like to use it for some joinery.

To do this, I would often need to mount the piece vertically and mill the end grain. I have a front vise mounted on my workbench already, that I would want to use with the Shapeoko:

I think I have read somewhere that the Shapeoko will reach a couple inches past the front of the wasteboard. This would allow me to mount stock in my vise, move the front of the Shapeoko to the edge of the stock, and cut (e.g.) dovetails.

I would like to confirm the following from someone ‘in the know’:

  1. Does the current Shapeoko have this ability? If so, is it just a certain size, or can all three do it? (If it matters, I am planning on either the Standard or the XL; my shop size does not allow for XXL).
  2. Will the Shapeoko 4 also have this ability? (This may be a question for the official Carbide3D folks).
  3. How far out can this reach? 1/2"? 1"? etc.

Thanks for any information you can provide!


The shapeoko3 can definitely extend. I’m not sure how far the current model extends since I have the older belt z axis, but mine can easily do 3/4" boards. (Community challenge #16, codename byebye2020 - #14 by dmouw25) The screw z axis that ships with the current machine should do similar, but don’t want to give you incorrect information

The Shapeoko 3, XL, and XXL all have the same overhang cutting area which folks use for joinery using fixtures such as:

The Pro and the 4 reduce this in the interest of increasing the supported cutting area — write in to for the specifics.


Thanks both. I have reached out to support for details.


I’ve installed my XXL with consideration for doing exactly that, using the overhang to cut dovetails, but I’m going to do it slightly differently.

As I’ve (now) got the height within the enclosure, I’m going to cut a slot (it’s one of the next steps of the installation!) into the workbench, flush with the front of the XXL’s frame, and secure the boards in there. The only limit I have is the length of board I could cut, so about 36" in length?

Here is my setup on the Shapeoko 3, and the Side Table I built so that I can safely clamp my work. I built it on the Shapeoko using toe inexpensive pieces of scrap 3/8" aluminum (Now I wish it was wider, hindsight). Hope this helps you.

I can extend over the table ~1.7" (enough to mill 1/2 of a 4.4" wide drawer back using a 1.30" facing cutter (I flip the drawer to mill the 2nd half). Notice how TIGHT those Dovetails are (ALL cuts were made on the Shapeoko)

Great feature: (Cutting some 1.0 x 3.0" Mortise on a 12 wide board)

Roughing in some dovetails on some 20 inch long boards:


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