Can the VFD cable be on the right side?

I am new to CNC and in the process of putting together the Shapeoko 5 pro 4x4. The cable for the VFD is not very long and doesn’t allow the controller to mount conveniently to my setup. It might work if I could mount the VFD controller next to the main control box on the right side. Is there a reason I should not run the VFD cable on the right side with all the other lines? It looks like there is enough room in the drive chains for the extra cable.
If this idea works, is there even a need for the left hand drive chains? Could they be taken off?
Thank you for your kind responses.

I will defer to Shapeoko VFD owners but the reason the router power cable is run on the outside of the drag chain is to prevent electrical interference. I suspect that may be true for the VFD cables because they could interfere electrically with other cables.

You could make an extension cable as long as you pay strict attention to the wiring and make sure you dont cross up any wires.

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Thank you for the info. Definitely dont want to introduce interference and mess it all up.

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