Can you add different fonts to carbide create?

Can you add different fonts to carbide create? If so how?

Thanks in advance

If you open CC and then open the Help Menu and then About Menu you can open the data directory for CC. There is a fonts directory and you can just place a font in there. For Windows you can download a font and right click it and “Install for all Users”. and install a font into the system font folder. The system method of installing a font makes the font available to all applications on your computer while the placing of a font in the fonts folder of CC makes it available only to CC.

On windows installing a font is kind of a trick. The font is just copied to the system fonts folder there is no real magic of installing. Simply placing a font in the folder works. If the font comes compressed be sure you uncompressed it first before trying to install it.


This is essentially true, though it is possible to have fonts in other directories.

Additionaly, double-clicking (ie: opening the font) lets you preview it and gives you the option to install it. On windows 10, you can view your fonts and also install them using the new Font settings panel:


Carbide Create uses the fonts installed on your system which the OS makes available to it (use “Install for all users”)

Note that there are a few requirements:

  • font must be technically correct — in particular, it must have a space character
  • font must have a text encoding — pi and dingbat fonts may not be used (set such in a vector editor and convert to paths)

Alternately, as @gdon_2003 noted fonts may be installed in the Carbide Create/fonts folder (but they still have the same requirements).