Can you convert a Carbide Create file to Step file?

How can you convert a Carbide Create file (from a DXF file) into a Step file ?

Carbide Create doesn’t export to DXF — you would need to export to an SVG and then convert that to DXF using some 3rd party tool.

DXF and SVG are 2D file formats — STEP is a 3D file format — you would need to import the 2D file into a 3D CAD application and assign the 3D aspects of the design there.

Once you had a 3D design it would be possible to export to STEP.

If you export an SVG from Create you could import that into a number of 3D packages and extrude it into a 3D body and export as STEP.

I already have a 2D DXF file. I import that into Carbide Create and use it to define my Toolpaths. I just wished there was a way to convert the DXF and Toolpaths into a STEP file

STEP is a neutral format for describing 3D geometry. You can define 2D geometry, so you can convert from DXF to STEP. You can’t define toolpaths, so that part of the C2D file won’t go.
So you can convert from C2D to DXF, and then to STEP. It will just be 2D geometry.

What are you trying to achieve by converting to STEP? Is there another application that supports STEP that you want to use? What is the end result?

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