Can you do tool changes in a tool path

Quick question can you do tool changes in a tool path with mutability toolpath with a post processor and be able to rezero your Z. Or do you have to just run one toolpath at a time.

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Why doesn’t this tutorial show up when I go to

Are there other files available that are not listed?


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Because Edward has not moved it into that directory.


And the answer to your next question, is no.

Sorry, my hands are tied.

Thanks for the reply. As a brand new owner of an S3XL it’s disappointing to find out that there are potentially useful tutorials available but not accessible. :confused:

FWIW, it’s listed at:

Now that the wiki is working again, I’m hoping I can find the time for a major overhaul which will finally update / integrate the Shapeoko 3 stuff.

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It’s linked to the tutorials page now

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