Can you edit text in carbide create?

When you have a file in carbide create is there a way to edit the text without starting a new text line? I am working with names and need to change it for each new project.

yes you can, All you need is to click on the text and on the left you can edit… you do need to hit the “Apply” button to get it live.

Note this only works for “real” text, not “vectors that look like letters”

once you do boolean operations and such on text the text gets converted to vectors.


Thank you, I should have been able to figure that out!!

As Arjan said just highlight the text and you can edit it. One unfortunate feature of CC is you can only make one line of text at a time. Hitting return does not allow you to make a second line. Each line is separate. You can make a single line with as many spaces as you want but not multiple lines in the same session.


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