Can You Identify This Bit

I ran across a few of these bits packaged along with other router bits at a garage sale this past weekend. Anyone know what they would be used for? Shank diameter is 1/8", cutting area is roughly 1/16" diameter. There are no flutes to speak of, just a sort of knurling for a cutting area.

It’s a burr, and is typically used for grinding/shaving rather than cutting. 1/8" shaft it could very well be a Dremmel bit.


It’s usually called a ‘burr’. They work pretty well in material that doesn’t have much grain, and don’t require chip clearing, like MDF. They would be terrible in plastic, since they don’t clear chips. They’re pretty cheap, which is their most useful characteristic.

Because they don’t have deep flutes, they are typically stronger than the same diameter fluted bit.


Thanks gentlemen. I didn’t think about it possibly being a Dremel tool.

Dremel has them in 1/8th and 1/16th at the big box stores, and call them grout removal bits. I use them for cutting carbon fiber, and fiberglass sheets.


Seemed like a rotozip for tile except for the small size. Then I found this link:

Looks like it’s a grout removal bit?

Oops missed steven’s reply. He already answered


Seconding burr end mill. I use them for cutting profiles on PCB’s, specifically FR4 materials (with good dust collection!)

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