Can you resize groups of vectors?


Outside of a little Solid Works in school many beers ago, I am completely new to CAD. Starting off with Carbide Create for now. I haven’t made my first cut on the new machine. Currently putting together a CC file to cut a waste board today.

I started out making a few circles of the correct dimensions, then copying and pasting. Copying and pasting successively larger groups. I grouped these. Now this leads me to my question, and I suppose this is more for future reference than anything at this point. Can you resize a group of selected vectors at once? The only option that I seem to get is to resize the outside dimension of the group.

For this particular instance, I’d like to copy the group of circles, create a new set, then adjust the radius to suit.


Unfortunately, groups are re-sized as a whole.

An array option would be a welcome feature and has been requested @robgrz

Thank you very much for yet another speedy reply. That’s great to hear. I think its something I would really appreciate for the things I do.

Best Regards

Another questions if you don’t mind. Something I just encountered, I saved various version for machining the top and bottom of the spoil board, and mounting holes for the machine and board. My group selections don’t seem to be effect after reopening the file. But if I select multiple vectors, there is an option to ungroup and group. Is it possible to effect the original grouping again?


Interestingly, I just discarded and tried a file again, this time is selected the group. I am sure I am missing something.

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