Can you use roundover bits

Question not sure if it can be done can you use a roundover bit on a cnc router table. Has anyone ever programed one in to there tool data base

There are some manufacturers which use plunge roundover bits. Magnate sells some profiles, they do not have any CAD drawings, so you will need to draw your own profile if required, such as in VCarve Desktop or Pro or Aspire.

Personally I would not use a bearing guided bit on a CNC.

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Thanks for the info I guess I will have to do it the old fashion way LOL

The old fashioned way is faster. I use the plunge round over bit on the CNC when it makes the operation safer and makes sense.

I did this with a round over bit:

But it was the kind that comes to a point, with no bearing. I did have to make a custom bit in VCarve as well. You do your normal cutouts with an end mill, then do a profile cut β€œon” the profile at the depth of the radius.


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