Can you use this software for another CNC


Is there a way to use Carbide software with a different machine then their brand? (loaded question) I got a starter CNC to play with before really investing into a machine.( TTC-450 Boy was that a mistake!)

I have been playing around in Carbide and slowly getting the hang of things. I downloaded the G-code to my machine and I get no response (no movement, no spindle start up).

The Funny part is I purchased some files on Etsy of a cribbage board since I got into the game. It ran perfectly on my machine so I am totally stumped why those NC files would work but not mine?

For fun I try importing the G-Code into Easel and it comes back as not being a Carbide 3D user. The project I am doing is a test address sign recessed pocket so nothing crazy. I’ve tried both pocket and contour cuts NC. Separate cuts NC. Nothing from the machine.

Am I missing something? Do I need to pay for a license to be able to run on another machine? - Another question is what license is really worth it? Is there enough benefits each year to pay or should I get lifetime and just update say every other year?

Yes, that is what the Pro license for Carbide Create is for:

CM wont work on 3rd party machines. However CC works with 3rd party machines with some caveats. In the CC Application choose Edit and Select Post Processor. For any machine other than a C3D machine pick “Basic G-Code” or “GRBL”.

The caveats are that advanced vcarve will not work unless you have a BitSetter type of mechanism. That is not likely but you could try. The other caveat is you would need to run each tool path separately. In the C3D CC .c2d file all the tool paths are run together if you have a Bitsetter. Even on C3D machines if you dont have a BitSetter you have to run each tool path separately. So for a 3rd party machine you set your X Y and Z zero and run a tool path, change the bit for a second tool path and reset Z zero. You would have to know if the X and Y on your machine is persistent or if you also have to set X and Y.

If you have a Pro CC license that will work but again you are limited to running one tool path at a time. That is due to the lack of a BitSetter device on most other brands of machines.