Canada import duties

Any Canadians (or the Carbide3D crew) know the additional costs when shipping a machine here? If the import paperwork is done, there shouldn’t be any duty since it should be covered under NAFTA (while it still exists) and I’m assuming HST will be added at the boarder. I’m not sure how one goes about paying those taxes though, or if there are additional brokerage charges.

Here is a document that might help.

custom tariff canada

When I imported my Shapeoko 3, then the threaded tables and other accessories, I ended up paying duties, simply beacuse it was wrongly declared at Carbide3D’s end.

I supplied all the necessary information to Edward, so that mistake does not happen again.

The right code needs to be supplied as well as a certification of manufacture origin.

You may contact a custom broker simply to ask, and maybe do the brokerage for you.

The brokering fees will be different from shipping companies. UPS will charge you extra to cover the taxes on it, etc.

Place a few calls before ordering, that might save you some dinero in the end.



Thanks for the info. I see from another post about importing the Nomad into Canada that there are a number of forms that need to be included at the Carbide3D end. @robgrz are you able to provide any additional information about this? Do you include the NAFTA Certificate of Origin when you ship to Canada? I have a FedEx account for paying the fees when it crosses the border, so that would have to be included in the shipping label as well, I guess.