Candle holder 2-sided machining

Been messing with some 2 sided machining. I had several species of hard woods lying around that I wanted to do something special with. Glued up a couple pieces of 3/4" x12" x 6" flame maple with a same sized piece of purpleheart wood. Then I realized it might be a tough task to CNC it on the ShapeOKO, so I went with some 2 sided machining using locating pins on my waste board. Came out pretty good I think? Attached also zip file containing my VCarve Desktop files in case anyone else wants to give it a shot. I used a 1/4" radius round over bit(NOT the kind with a bearing) and defined a form tool in VCarve, so if you try this make sure you are using the right tool and/or adjust your tool paths accordingly. Drill pressed the holes for the tea light candles with a huge Forstner bit:

Sanded and finished out with mineral oil:

Cut holes for candles on the drill press, added candles:

And the file: (878.0 KB)



Awesome designed candle holders

Thanks Derrick!

I’ve had a couple friends ask what it is, most think it’s an “S” laid on its side, but it actually started as separate circles, as in two separate candle holders shaped like donuts. I kept drawing and futzing around, and now it’s just what it is, a candle holder, haha!



Very, very nicely done! And, thanks for the file, always looking for ways to do things.

Spent my day today helping my nephews wife make individual 3D cursive letters to spell out her 3 month old daughters name for a wall decoration. We learned a lot together including how to scale fonts in x,y and z in F 360.

Thanks Griff!!!

I’m currently working on some wooden table numbers for a friends wedding (in less than 2 weeks). My wife also wants me to make some 3D “scrabble” style letters for the kids…you get a machine, and everyone has a project, haha!


Hi Dan

What a beautiful design and make!

I am looking forward for your next make. You empower me to do more on my CNC.


Thanks Mitch!

I was just out in the shop trying to find another couple nice pieces of wood to slab together for my next project. Hopefully it will be able to compete with this one. We shall see!