Cannot add custom tool

Hey all, new user here. I wanted to use the software for my cheap 3018 CNC machine to make some PCBs. When I try to add a new bit (V-bit) it does not seem to work. I can add a library and choose to add a new tool, but when I try to click “OK” in the tool editor the window remains opened and nothing gets saved. When I click “cancel”, it closes the window but of course the new tool is not there.

I am using the latest official build (just downloaded earlier today) on Mac OS X 10.12.6

Weird. Can you post a screenshot of that right before you click OK and it does not work ? (just to see if I can reproduce using the exact same parameters)

Found a partial solution: had to use a comma instead of a dot for the decimals… It happens on my Win10 machine as well. Guess it has something to do with regional settings.

Strange thing is it opens with dots for decimals and I have to change them all back to comma to be able to save. Values after the comma are ignored, so my V-bit depth and width are saved as 0.00000

So, the solution does not really work as it doesn’t save the settings in the right way…

This is what appears after saving with comma as decimal separator:

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Swapping the separators in the regional settings did the trick…


Ha, I had a hunch it would turn out to be the comma vs dot thing, glad you figured it out in the meantime.

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