Cannot figure this tool path out

I am having a hard time figuring out how to setup the tool paths on this item.
I have modeled this comb. I have followed the tutorials for importing STLs in carbide create pro, but i cannot get the teeth to come out.

I first use a #102 endmill to 3d rough out the item, then I’m using an Amana 46280-K Carving 6.2 Deg Tapered Angle Ball Tip x 1/32 to finish it.

The simulated result is really different than my model. I’ve tried several other things like switching to ball bits and adding several roughing passes but nothing appears to work.

Any ideas are most welcome.

The model

The outline

The sim

The ui

You will need to use tools small enough to fit into the geometry.

My bit comes to a sharp point and the shaft is 3mm. The distance between each tooth on the comb is 3mm. By my understanding, the tool can fit in there just fine. Am I missing something?

The narrowest area of geometry needs to be at least 10% wider than the geometry of the tool.

Ok thanks, but why does the tool path have a variation in the distance it makes each tooth on the comb?
If you look at the outline of the original model i placed, each tooth is of the same width and equidistant.
So why does the cutter not go into the wood to the same distance on each tooth?

Because the tool is the same size as the geometry and based on how the rounding falls out, sometimes it will fit, other times it won’t fit.

Ok thank you so much for spending the time to clarify this. I’m new and still learning.
Is there a 3mm bit that you would recommend that can do a job like this? I don’t have a smaller collet yet.

I’ve had excellent luck w/ the #282Z:

and there are a couple of other options such as the #112 and #122.

Awesome, thanks. I’ll try it out.

A 1/32" Ball (0.8mm) should have no problem fitting in a 3mm slot. ???

Which tool are you selecting for your finish path?

I would likely approach this with 3D for only the top shape, then use a smaller flat end mill to cut the profile & gaps between the teeth.

I thought so too. It certainly will physically fit in between the teeth better than the simulation shows.
I’m using an Amana 46280-K Carving 6.2 Deg Tapered Angle Ball Tip x 1/32 to finish it. This is a sharp angled tapered bit, so I thought it would cut between the teeth no problem.
Here is the finishing tool profiile

I was just thinking about it. Is the diameter field supposed to be the shank diameter or the cuttiing diameter? I’m used to fusion 360 and they have fields for both, so i may have put it in wrong.

Diameter should equal cutting diameter.

Further note that Carbide Create does not take taper into account for a tapered ball-nose, and will not show how it might cut away more vertical features.

Very good to know.
I just changed my bit to reflect the cutting diameter and everything looks correct now.
Thank you for your help.

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