Cannot import Photoshop SVG

I am taking images, editing them in Photoshop, exporting as a SVG. When I attempt to import them into Carbide Create, I get a blank imported file.

To work around this, I have been exporting as PNG, then uploading to download that SVG and import that into carbide create. It works then. How come I cannot export directly within photoshop and import without using the online converter tool?

Here is my example SVG file exported from Photoshop.

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Photoshop is a pixel image editor.

To get usable vectors out of it you will need to get them into the file as clipping paths or export paths to Adobe Illustrator and then resave from there.

The website you are using accepts pixel images and traces them.

So even though the file type exported from Photoshop is still an SVG, its a different type of file all together?

The file may have been SVG but the cotton stem image itself was apparently not converted to vector paths. I was able to open this file in inkscape (which is free), and use the trace bitmap function to convert it to vector paths. Had this already been a proper vector path, I would not have been able to use this function on the image.

Here is the inkscape saved SVG:

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SVGs like EPS can have a pixel image embedded — if you open the image you uploaded in Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator and turn off preview, viewing only outlines you’ll see it as a rectangle placeholder for the pixel image.

Or, edit it in a text editor — the pixel image is the only thing in the file.