Cannot raise Z-axis during run to swap endmill!

I am trying to engrave and drill a PCB with gcode I created from Carbide Copper.

When the run pauses and waits for me to swap the endmill, I cannot raise the Z axis to do so! In fact, Carbide Motion just becomes unresponsive - none of the buttons do anything.

My normal workaround is to create separate .nc files for each endmill I’m going to use. But I’m using Carbide Copper this time, and I cannot create separate .nc files for the v-bit and drill bit.

Have you tried the beta version?

Yes. Isn’t that the only version? What version did you think I was using?

I have not used Copper in a long long time but I think you may have exported the G-code using “save as single gcode file”, which probably inserted M6 tool change commands inside the file. And then you need a BitSetter to support that multi-tool file (CM detects the M6 commands and generates the right sequence of actions, i.e. retracting, prompting user for tool change, going to probe the new tool length on the BitSetter, and resuming)

If you don’t have a BitSetter, you must export a separate G-code files, and run them separately as you mentioned you normally do:




This one.

Which does not have the same capability.



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